Spine To The Divine™ April  Healing Course

Friday, April 26:      7:00 pm  –  10:00 pm

Saturday April 27:  10:30 am  –  6:00 pm

Sunday April 28:     11:00 am  –  5:00 pm


A Four-Phase System of Alignment, Ascension, Body-Mind-Soul Dynamics and Inner Conflict Resolutions earning a Certification of course completion.

Cost: $250

Course Includes:

Order and positioning of Grettal’s system of alignment and spinal flow Spine To The Divine™ therapeutic lotus points, and resonance epi-centres.

 Craniosacral Rhythm exploration with its distinct wave motion and action; learning essential hands- on holds on the client.

Usage and administration of homeopathic remedies and Bach Floral Essences as valuable tools in understanding health and power imbalances and natural assistance with unconscious behavior to change our clients and our vitality.

Friday, April 26:      7:00  –  10:00

Saturday April 27:  10:30  –  6:00

Sunday April 28:     11:00  –  5:00


                                                    Registration: text or call: 416-550-6148             



Activating Health Centre

10330 Yonge St. Unit 4, Office Entrance

Richmond Hill, ON     L4C 5N1


Instructor: Grettal Fryszberg, Creator of Spine To The Divine™ Healing, Vibrational Healer, SRI facilitator, Medical Intuitive, Certified Homeopathic Practitioner, Craniosacral Therapist


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Sunday March 24, 2019  

2:00 to 5:00     $25.00

 Activating Health Holistic Center in Richmond Hill, ON

Prana is the nurturing energy for your body mind and soul to awaken you to a new level of being

  •  As you do your Body Map, you will organize your field for balancing, aligning and clearing  heaviness stored in your organs and nervous system.
  •  Learn how to choose vibrational remedies, oils, homeopathics, and crystals that resonate with your healing process and bring new awareness to your symptoms.
  •  Discover a system of body-breath techniques called Somato-Respiratory Integration that helps you to bring attention to your internal messages.

Grettal explains the consciousness of each colour and the way energy is seen on a Body Map and do healing demos.  

Bring your favorite markers for Bodymapping 

Please call, text 416-550-6148 or email to reserve a spot.

Grettal Fryszberg is the creator of Body Mapping & Spine To The Divine Alignments. Medical Intuitive, Craniosacral Therapist, Vibrational Healer and Homeopathic Practitioner.

Activating Health Centre 10330 Yonge Street, Office Entrance, Richmond Hill L4C 0L6     




January 2019 Workshop

 Spine To The Divine Blueprints for Healing

Monday February 4 2019
7:00 pm – 10:00 pm


please text or email to register:  416 550 6148


 Activating Health Center 
10330 Yonge St Unit 4
Richmond Hill, ON

  • Colour and Create your own body map! 
  • Receive a healing demo from Grettal 
  • Helps you draw on Pranic light as a primary restorative and healing vibration.
  • Clearing The Tension Body with Nature-based  vibrations and Body Mapping ™ Techniques
  • Releasing stuck emotions in the body using hands-on Craniosacral and Vibrational Techniques
  • Using touch and breath to develop ease and peace in our body helping our goals and vision to fall in synch with our authentic self

Grettal Fryszberg, Medical Intuitive, Craniosacral Therapist and Vibrational Healer; Creator of Spine To The Divine Body Maps™ for Healing and Aligning To Your Channel and Light Body  





New Starting September 2018:




  • Enrich your healing practice by combining colours, shapes and the archetypal journey to the three levels of consciousness.
  • Body Mapping opens the heart centre to bring in Divine Mother, the consciousness of Expansive Love and Peaceful Presence.
  • Body Mapping activates the energy network of communication with all parts of you in order to allow healing and expression.
  • Work with the Green Ray of Acceptance, and the Yellow recharging Ray of Life Force
  • Receive guided information about your health and purpose
  • Includes hands-on work with Energy Medicine such as essential oils, crystals and essences
    When:  TBA    Fee: $200.00  Time:  TBA   Where: Activating Health Centre, 10330 Yonge St. Unit 4, Richmond HillINFORMATION: 416-550-6148            Email:   grettal@bellnet.caWebsite:


Spine To The Divine Healing Seminar

Certified course in Spine To The Divine healing system Level I is available call for details.

You will learn Body Mapping, Vibrational Medicine, The 4 Phase Model of Transformation and Body Work Techniques such as energy balancing and CranioSacral  Applications.  

This course will add a new dynamic level of treatment to enhance your current practice.  It is also great for beginners who want to do some self healing or healing on family members.

Grettal’s Model for Body Map Workshops for Transformation Healing

Explores the 3 aspects of the mind – superconscious, conscious and subconscious in a dynamic interaction through the central midline channel using imagery and colours. This process allows you  to release fear patterns that block the expression of your true self and to develop a framework through which you can heal on all levels by accessing the higher self.

Colours are used to bring in various forms of consciousness and create images that work with your own energy.

Workshop Topics

  • Body Mapping For Healing & Transformation (July 14 Next Workshop)
  • The 4 Phases of Spine To The Divine
  • S.R.I  (Somato Respiratory Integration) Healing Rhythms Using Body Breath and Movement
  • Negative Emotional States and Homeopathy
  • Celebrating Natures Healing Properties Through Flower Essences

Spine to Divine Body Mapping and Bodywork
Over the 20 years of her practice Grettal has lead workshops in various modalities such as Body Mapping™, CranioSacral  Techniques and Homeopathic  integration to teach effective healing of injuries, trauma and many auto-immune illnesses. Grettal creates the conditions for optimal learning, creativity and extraordinary outcomes in her participants.  Her emphasis on the mind-body-spirit dynamic is empowering for those who want to gain more tools for  their healing program.

“A powerful shift occurs when there is a workshop group holding the intention to be open-minded, and allow creativity and intuition to guide them  in their  bodymap journeys.”

  • Heal past trauma
  • Work through blocked emotions
  • Disentangle from the past and reconnect with core truths
  • Learn to live more fully from the heart
  • Feel the Power of The Awakened Self
  • Open yourself to a form of energy information.

“Self-expression and self-care become the rule rather than the exception.” Caroline Myss

Body Mapping is a way of visually tracking your healing process using new gateways involving colours and symbols. It is both a powerful practice and a teaching that allows you to chart and experience step by step healing.

How does Body Mapping™ Help?
Body mapping™ is the way to focus your attention on the universal energy of your body’s healing system. Body Mapping™ starts to organize your body mind into a framework where you can bring awareness first to the layers that have hardened keeping you from reconnecting. Like the homing pigeon your innate brings you back to peace, heart and the inner life with all its parts and memories.

“We are translating and communicating energy through vibrations.”

 Learn about the restorative power of Universal energy through body mapping with color frequencies and healing shapes from your instinctual nature.

Being in a state of higher consciousness means we are closer to Spiritual values of Love and Oneness. Pink and Green frequencies may form the lotus at different parts of you.