The initial state of moving from lower-brain activity to peaceful brain activity involves a state of relaxation. The next state is a better awareness of your body. Your brain starts to have a better communication with your body – the frontal cortex begins to give you clearer, better messages of what is happening within.

There’s a technique called: Still Point – in which the system can re-boot itself by simply unplugging from the autonomic nervous system which we refer to as: ‘fight/flight’ a trained craniosacral therapist can use Still Point throughout the body to assist the client’s body balance into homeostasis.  The frontal cortex contains more reflective and meditative neurons that detach from mental chatter and general anxiety. 

Past events when reviewed by this more advanced (reflective) part of the brain are revisited with an open and more forgiving mind in a positive energy wave. 

The process of moving from chronic debilitation, weakness or general discomfort and ill health towards a renewal of your bodies vitality takes approximately 6 sessions.
As various compressions are freed up circulation improves and your body naturally starts to access deeper layer that couldn’t be accessed previously.

One of Grettal’s models is the ‘triune’ brain where much activity is being contained/controlled by the lower-brain and limbic systems. To re-gain control of your health Grettal’s healing sessions helps you access the frontal cortex allowing this part of the brain to free up stuck energy.

12, 1.5 hr sessions
Using a gentle and dynamic force (craniosacral motion) through light touch you are breaking up blockages, congestion and fibrosity in the musculo-skeletal system.

Excellent for:
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Chronic fatigue syndrome
Chronic headaches
Low back pain
Neck pain
Repeated bladder infections
Reproductive issues
TMJ problems

You will be clearing stuck energy from defense patterns and you will be retracing unhealed organs, tissue and joints to resolve suppressed illness and trauma.

Your body is learning to come out of panicked states of fight-flight and experience more peaceful states in the higher brain center where the body can undo many tension states and rebalance many disturbances.

You will be working with Homeopathy, herbs and flower essences to promote healing, cleansing and balancing.
You will regain your vital life force and diminish degenerative symptoms of pain, stiffness and discomfort in all areas.

24. 1.5 hr sessions
Stabilizing our emotional currents through the heart centre. Shifting from old programs of fear and suppression is the focus in this program. We begin to change how our unconscious mind creates illness through polarities. We begin to change how our lives and change our old negative stories that are self sabotaging and limiting.
We are able to move forward to become all that we truly are.
We improve out health and well being as we shift the defensive reactive natures. We reconnect and harmonize with parts of ourselves that we had to abandon and integrate more wholeness into our lives. We let go of beliefs that no longer serve us.  A truly transformational process.

10, 2 hour sessions
Especially suited for going deep into old chronic patterns of illness in an honoring, organically unfolding way using Craniosacral
Medical Intuitive Processes
Energy work
For auto-immune diseases and long suffering illnesses where medical procedures and previous treatments are no longer working for you.
Definite results for:
Improvements in Circulation
Skin Disorders
A definite shift in vitality.