Homeopathy and Energy Medicine

Homeopathy and energy medicine address chronic patterns deeply set into your system from the following causes:

  • Difficult Birth Patterns Impacting the Body’s Tissues
  • Vaccine Damage Affecting the Immune System
  • Chronic Injury Patterns not Fully Healed
  • NBWS – Never Been Well Since – Events and experiences that have created a downward spiral of health.
  • Genetic Propensities Towards Certain Syndromes/Working At The Cellular Level

Energy medicine has a holistic approach involving body mind and soul.  In the homeopathic model, disease is a sign that the person is out of tune with one’s vital life force as a result of disturbances that have created disharmony.  Homeopathy re-aligns a person with their purpose and optimal needs.  Different homeopathic remedies made from plants and minerals in nature contain healing properties that work with a particular energy imbalance.  Suppressed energy or conflict energy that took the body-mind-soul out of synch with life can come to the mind’s surface or consciousness and be resolved through reconnection and resolution of  internalized feelings.