THE  BEST OPIATE   

An opiate is often thought of as a chemical element extracted from a plant or made artificially in a laboratory. Did you know our bodies naturally produce opiates to give us that “feel good” state?
Some people use exercise but if you suffer from chronic fatigue or some debilitating syndrome exercise is difficult or even impossible in order to release those opiates. There are points along the body that Spine to the Divine body work uses that activate the good vibes of your own heart center and even helps you get rid of hopeless, depressed feelings that are getting in the way of your recovery.

It’s not necessary to suffer with pain and lack of energy simply because your nervous system is stuck on an old program of suppression and fight/flight, there are ways to get past this program and get your energy freed up and working for you. I have studied holistic techniques for the past 20 years and have had great success using spinal point triggers and bio-energy currents to free up your body. What’s left in you after shock, injury and stress are the internal compressions that act like rocks in a river, slowing down the current of energy – feel lighter, happier, sleep better and be healthier.
Your head/heart connection is activated in a session.

What happens in a healing session with me?
Though specific energy balancing techniques, the heart meridian, and the head-heart alignment using gentle touch and breathing techniques. I also use essential oils such as lavender and rose to relax the mind, allowing you to let go of anxiety and feel peaceful.

Where is your energy going?
Realizing you have had enough of an energy loss, you awaken to the fact that most of your energy is being used by suppressing feelings and influences from the past.

How I Developed an Approach to Healing With Body Maps

Artist CAM Friedman

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

~ Marcel Proust

The first time I felt the activation of Divine Mother consciousness was in 1996. I cried for a week.   I felt as if my eyes were seeing life as it should be.  I started to experience vibrations in the form of healing energies from plants, rocks, crystals and people.  I felt love and expansiveness and a lightness of being.  My worries seemed petty in the light of this experience.

I was inspired to read books about energy and healers and made a decision to pursue a healing career.

I wanted to help others become aware of this level of existence and the potential it had to make miraculous changes. I left my teaching job and immersed myself in the study of energy medicine.  In pursuing that I took courses in CranioSacral, Homeopathy and SRI as well as several energy related workshops.  I set up the activating health centre and for the next ten years was happily involved in my passion for healing work.

In 2006  I felt something was missing in my work and a friend of mine suggested that I sit down and ask my guides to bring me some answers.  My first question that I presented was:  How can I see the process visually of waves of energy and how they work to bring us out of our suffering and sickness?

I immediately began drawing several templates intuitively.  In the beginning there was a green and pink vertical band and they started to weave together.  I understood the green to be oneness and the interconnectedness of all nature including humans.  I understood the pink to be the divine mother who gives unconditional love.  These were two universal energies that had descended to create some kind of field that would develop a change in the individual towards an openness and a surrender to their healing potential and growth.

 As they blended together a helix was created that I felt moved upward through me bringing my focus to my higher consciousness.  Each time I came to a new cycle of this helix, I felt it going deeper and deeper.





Eventually I felt a burst of loving energy open my heart and I felt divine mother filling me with expanded love.







Here is what I learned with my body map research into energy evolution:

There is a way to initiate others into becoming a fuller expression of themselves and in acquiring certain  energy gifts. Some systems refer to this process as the birth of the magical child. Others say that our soul begins to take a more active part in expressing itself through the vehicle of your body and mind.

  1. There is a natural principle in humans: We are part of nature and need to attune our life to the natural rhythms of the body. We have a chakra system and channel that is there for the purpose or re calibrating our energy.
  2. What takes us out of our natural rhythms is our educated and socialized mind. We forget how to confer with our inner voice and trust in our heart. What we feel and need at a given moment is veiled by so many factors. There is always truth when we come back to our chakras, when we come back to ourselves.
  3. Any part of you that is walled off, abandoned or repressed seeks with a fervor to come back to the whole to be recognized, accepted and expressed. Disease is an expression of any part or parts that are out of synch with the whole.
  4. In order to reconnect we balance with vibrational energies from trees, plants, flowers, rocks, even animals or other people. There is also an area in the brain that when awakened functions to bring in an expanded consciousness – the pineal gland and third eye.
  5. This consciousness carries images and experiences that are archetypal and true to the human journey and its commonality with all other beings: Loss, suffering, pain, betrayal, and existential queries. How does one get back to living life with joy and gratitude after a debilitating trauma, illness or event?
  6. Through vibrations, breath-work, body map blueprints and bodywork we can open a gateway to this archetypal wellspring of inner worlds and receive exactly what our soul is yearning for at any given moment.  Our spiritual nature awakens and our body goes through physical and emotional changes to correct imbalances and integrate the lost part of ourselves with our true nature.
  7. Our first experience which we call an awakening or soul re-connection can be very moving, containing images, and changing us forever.
  8. Our spiritual connection leads us to a daily relationship and practice of going within by connecting to the chakra centers down the midline.

When I worked with my energy at first, I would always be taken into a space I didn’t recognize because my spiritual self was so far removed from me. This new found part of me was a welcomed stranger, an other Self who would introduce me to a different way of seeing my life. The effect was sometimes calming, sometimes reflective and sometimes an altered state of consciousness difficult to put in words but always rich in the help it brought to me. I was able to leave my old job as a teacher behind without guilt and fully embrace my new career as an alternative health professional.

Although socially I did not carry as much prestige and was not taken seriously, I did not give up.

Simply because I was caught in a fascinating whirl of transformational changes. I felt certain gifts or abilities coming to me. For me it was the ability to feel vibrations from plants, images, stones, and people. I came to realize that life and all living things sent out waves of energy. I felt like Helen Keller, who had finally discovered a way to understand and be in her world.


  1. With light from the Energy Source being shed on our awareness we are confronted with all our suppressed emotions and experiences that lie in our subconscious. All that we call negative is presented to us for re -qualification.
  2. Bliss is the sensation that keeps pulling us back to our love affair with the Divine.
  3. Our spiritual integration starts to initiate an adaptive physiology that Carolyn Myss called the Spiritual Anatomy, with currents, channels and chakras.
  4. Newly  awakened receptors can engage your spinal channel and all your cells in a dynamic and vibrant relationship with Spiritual energy.
  5. In my body maps I denote an aspects of light energy as particles of gold and silver.  They rebuild, repair and cleanse our devitalized and dormant parts. Light particles and Prana are different.
  6. Your perception of your self is brought closer to the surface of your mind for understanding and realization. You become  more conscious of parts that need your attention and expression.
  7. We carry archetypal blueprints that guide us back to reconnection, healing and more wholeness. The tree, the mountain, the river, the sun, the moon all hold associations with spiritual processes that engage our minds and bodies in a new way of understanding our potential for happiness, health and purpose.
  8. Body Mapping is a way of accessing your Prana, the light of renewed vitality contained in all atoms.
  9. Aspects of Universal Energy when activated by our bodies or mind can cultivate in us a consciousness of amplified love and oneness that can change the way we relate to our bodies, our feelings, our thoughts, and the people in our lives.
  10. Receptivity to our hearts and to loving consciousness can be developed through Body Mapping which holds the pathway, order and direction to evolutionary changes for peace and greater awareness of soulful existence.

On a Body Map you can see the way your body and mind interact with universal energy and the process helps you develop specific receptors to bring in the energy- consciousness you need for releasing repressed feelings and unhealed trauma.  The receptors that come in are in the shape of the letter Y and the first one is in pink at the heart center.

Heart consciousness brings in a specific and therapeutic peace that stills our active mind. It allows us to release tension caused by nervous system activity. Contracted muscles soften and allow more oxygen and circulation, a great improvement and first step to health.


What I have discovered in my twenty years as a holistic health practitioner is that for me, healing boils down to three basic principles: Peace, Harmony and Direction of Energy.  These three qualities are what I call the PHD for wellness and are the cornerstone of my work, Spine to Divine Healing. And the first one is Peace.


Many people mistake peace in the body and mind as  a relaxation response. What “peace” is in actuality is  a therapeutic  bio-energetic state  that takes you out of the fight/flight activity in your nervous system. Most of us spend a lot of time either in that state or ready to go to that state.  Our nervous system goes into defense either unconsciously or consciously.

Making the great switch to Peace

This means turning off this electrical and biochemical activity and experiencing a neutral zone through midline spinal connection. As we do we feel waves coming through that break up our tension patterns.

The  beauty of this state for healing purposes is that the mind is less defensive and allows the muscles to let go of many layers of tension.

This is different from hypnosis where I am making suggestions to a person. Instead it is a way to put flow and flexibility into a body that is congested, inflamed and experiencing ill health in a myriad of ways.

This kind of peace is highly therapeutic, and brings a number of positive changes: easier breathing, better sleep, improved circulation. It eliminates hypertension, gastric problems and general anxiety.

How does one bring on a therapeutic peace in a client?

In Spine to Divine healing there is a way of energetically cancelling out the negative and positive forces of your field and bringing the minds attention to the midline along your spine.

Why does the fear always come up first in a healing process. My theory is that if you feel the fear than you can do something about it. You can stabilize the nervous system that is producing the fear simply because your ANS is wired for defense and based on imprints of memory. The energy particles from light source carries universal love and cancels out fear.

A basic evaluating factor for healing is the open/closed aspect of our body’s field.  We can not be open and receptive to some else or something else and be protective of ourselves at the same time. Being open and being protective of one selves cannot exist together.

Instead of asking for protection, ask for guidance.

Being open to challenging energy in the form of internal trauma patterns requires facilitation by a spine to divine healer who can help your mind move from a closed and protective behavior to an open and receptive one.

When we first reconnect to our body’s energy we are meeting with trauma, sadness, anger and unhealed illnesses. This was the reason we disconnected and avoided being present in our body. So why go back to all of this?

If we don’t learn how to release the energy we are fighting we will continue to attack and store it in our bodies.

Vibrational Energy Healing stirs up all the stuff you have struggled to suppress and when you get angry or your neck is tight something out there has stirred up something inside. Life will be a mirror to what you need to see.

The memory of a trauma and its tension pattern can be re-triggered with a reflector in the form of homeopathics or plant essences.

Homepathics have what are called “provings” where a particular plant or mineral or even animal substance matches and awakens the suppressed energy within someone. When this awakening happens, the person has an opportunity to complete the healing of an initial shock, infection, injury, or unpleasant experience.

In the initial healing process I get the mind to shift from defense mode to no-mind mode. The mind is in a peaceful, non- judgmental state and a lot of tension layers are released.

The next step is for the mind to harmonize with the bound up energy by merging with it or immersing itself more closely.

Its like going fully into a pool of water after you have dipped your toes into it for a while.



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