Working with Waves, Vibrations and Cosmic Consciousness

“We have inner maps for our terrain of consiousness.  By going inside we come to realize that all of the individual differences are just packaging for the same thing.”~ Grettal Fryszberg

Body Mapping is both a  powerful practice and a teaching that allows you to chart and experience your step by step healing through specific waves and colours.  By doing a Body Map you are tapping into your intuitive nature and engaging your inner healer.  Body Maps are your home base for coming out of your states of fight-flight and your states of confusion to bring you into alignment with your centre and to activate the healing process you need.  

Disease is the end result of an unconscious inner battle initiated by fear from a traumatic experience.

As You Work With Your Body Maps You Will Experience The Following

The first important step in Body Mapping is bringing down energy from the universal source of light.  This light is broken up into the colours of the spectrum.  Each colour signifies a specific consciousness that is brought to you to help your healing process in some way.  I call these waves “fractals”.  These are shapes in which similar patterns occur at progressively smaller scales.    They are also known as evolving symmetry.  Fractals from the source start to work with us to develop an ever refining process for our body mind and soul.   Everything is in a state of vibration and can be translated into forms as blueprints for healing.  Fractals are found in nature but  also exist as a facilitating wave  in the time/space quantum field.  They can bring down consciousness from universal energies to expand your own consciousness through the art of Body Mapping.

Body Map Levels

Body Maps can be worked at a single level or multilevel.  This Map includes Cosmic Consciousness, Present Consciousness and Subconsciousness.  One of Grettal’s clients drew this body map after asking to experience the moment of preconception. She was shown that she received intuitive gifts in the form of flower energy to heal her chakras  and to go back to the root cause of suppressed energy.  

Typical Body Map At The Beginning of A Healing Journey

The grey waves indicate low vitality and potential for disease and degeneration.  The dark blue areas show compressed energy from trauma or unresolved experiences, trapped within.  The red areas show inflammation of tissue and the maroon dots reveal excess activity of the immune system around the knee joint. Orange at the head indicates the electrical activity of the nervous system in which communication is confined and not connected to the consciousness of other parts.   This map was drawn by Grettal as part of her new client intake process.