“The Universe is a web of coloured threads carrying light force, wisdom, guidance, cleansing, light-filled energy, love, and the activation of your soul for healing and for your lessons.”

With body mapping we bring down these universal threads to attune ourselves with our source and to develop our channel and network of receptors.  In this interplay we free ourselves of unresolved sadness, resentment, anger, guilt, self loathing and unworthiness. We learn to expand towards life rather than retract from life.  We are given symbols such as the flower, the river and the mountain to understand our transformational journey.  We learn to transcend the dualities that have kept us in limited vision of our potential for happiness, for success and for inner peace.

Styles of Body Mapping:  

I. Body Map Process Journeys as guided intuitive works incorporating  colours, shapes & symbols.

II.  Body Map Art  using clearly defined archetypal imagery

III. Artistic Depictions of The Transformational Journey

*you do not need to be an artist to participate in the body map process

Aligning the nervous system to the cosmic anchor above and to earth mother below to create a healing channel of light.
Sowing The Seeds To Receive Divine Mother
Gold – Becoming A Light Body
Copper – Grounding 
Left & Right Balancing to Higher Consciousness
Needing Light 
Mermaid Archetype – Preparing For the Unconscious
The Green Web of Oneness
Molecular Binding With Divine Mother
  Light Blue Helping Me Access My River of Memories
Artistic Depictions of Body Map Art – Divine Mother
Entwining The Pink & Green – the cornerstone of the evolutionary process
Bringing in Wisdom to Clear the Clutter of the Mind
Green & Turquoise Droplets On A Web – all knowing is interconnected in nature